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The Department of Zoology is a constituent entity of the Faculty of Science, University of Delhi. Since its inception in 1947, it has been the foremost centre for learning in all aspects of Animal Sciences in India. Initial teaching efforts in the department were tailored to train students leading them to a B.Sc. degree and subsequently, Masters's and Ph.D. programmes were rolled out in 1951. The present premises of the department was built in 1959 resulting in an expansion of research (representing a wide spectrum of disciplines in Animal Sciences) activities, coinciding with the attraction of eminent faculties to work in the Department.

Though being one of the youngest departments, it was selected as the maiden Centre for Advanced Study in Zoology by the UGC in recognition of its outstanding research profile in 1963 and it continues to hold this honour till date. Many extramural funding grants were won by its faculties from different agencies like WHO, Ford Foundation, USDA, USAID, CSIR, ICAR, DBT etc. Thus enhancing the research infrastructure and helping to maintain its eminent position in the area of Animal Sciences. Being a part of this illustrious department, we are privileged to invite you to explore these web pages, wherein we have showcased the different facets of activities undertaken by our department. Further, we shall be extremely happy to provide further information on any subject related to our department. The contact details of the different faculty members and the office have also been provided.

Dr. Rina Chakrabarti, Senior Professor
Head, Department of Zoology
University of Delhi

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