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Notice for M. Phil. and Ph. D. Admission.

Information for M.Phil. Admission-2019"

M.Phil.Zoology (2019-2020)-Seat Distribution and eligibility

M.Sc. Syllabus for M.Phil. Zoology Entrance Examination

M.phil Syllabus

Candidates Shortlisted for M.Phil. Admission for Academic Year 2018-19


Every student will be required to take 3 courses of which course I will be compulsory for all students and course II will be the majorarea of specialization in which the student will later on write dissertation and course III will be the area which would be related with or supplement course II.

COURSE - I (Compulsory) : Technique related to various courses

COURSE – II & III (Optional) : Any two of the following on the advice of the Advisory Committee.

A : Biology of Avian Reproduction
B : Nutrition, Hormones and Reproduction in the Mammals
C : Cell Regulatory Mechanisms
D : Cytological Techniques.
E : Advances in Cytogenetics
F : Cell Differentiation
G : Insect Biochemistry
H : Insect Behaviour
I : Advances in Insect Taxonomy
J : Reproductive Physiology of Fish
K : Biology of Tetrahymena
L : Nutritional Physiology of Insects
M : Insect Reproduction
N : Muscle Histophysiology
O : Recent Trends in Physiological & Population Ecology.
P : Osmoregulation in the aquatic environment
Q : Organization, physiology and developmental genetics of ciliated protozoa.
R : Chemistry and Biology og Macromolecules.
S : Concepts in Immunology.
T : Molecular Biology of Parasitism and Immunology

Every student will be required to write a dissertation on a selected topic under the guidance of one or more Supervisors.

Eligibility for admission 2018-2019

M.Sc.Zoology/ allied subject with minimum 55% marks from recognised university The Allied subject will be decided by the DRC of the department

Disciplines for M.Phil. Course (2018):

  • Cell Regulatory Mechanism
  • Chemistry and Biology of Bio- macromolecules
  • Insect Biochemistry
  • Molecular Biology of Parasitism & immunology
  • Reproductive Physiology of Fish
  • Environmental Toxicology of Pesticides
  • Radiation Biology and Insect control
  • Concepts in Immunology
  • Cancer Biology
  • Ecology of Freshwater

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